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1983 Nebraska - SL team sheet

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1983 Nebraska - SL team sheet


Points Scored Per Game 50.3
Points Given Up Per Game 16.7

FBS Record 12–1 (7–0 Big 8)

Nebraska's 1983 high-octane offense was often unstoppable, averaging 52 points and over 400 rushing yards per game. Mike Rozier finished with a national best 2,486 total yards with 2,148 of those coming on the ground and twenty-nine touchdowns scored. He also took home the Heisman Trophy.

In one of the most controversial final season polls, #1 Nebraska lost their final game to #5 Miami 31-30, #2 Texas lost their final game, #3 Auburn won their final game but #5 Miami was named the #1 team in the country.

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