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1984 Top 5 Teams pack

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Brand: Saturday Legends

BYU’s 1984 National Championship is arguably the most controversial title the sport has ever produced.

BYU finished the 1984 season 13-0 and defeated 6-5 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl. It was unprecedented for a National Champion to emerge from a bowl game that wasn’t played on New Years Day.

The Cougars didn’t find out they were the National Champions until after January 1 when No. 4 Washington defeated No. 2 Oklahoma in the 1985 Orange Bowl. BYU’s title drew outrage from college football programs and fans around the country. CBS host Bryant Gumble said, “B-Y-who? Who’d they play, Bo Diddley Tech?” None of the teams on BYU’s 1984 schedule finished the season ranked in the Top 25.

This season led to the Bowl Coalition and eventually the BCS which pretty much ensured a team like BYU will never be involved in a National Championship discussion again.

This 5-Pack includes the top 5 teams of 1984 according to the final AP Poll.

  1. Brigham Young 13-0
  2. Washington 11-1
  3. Florida 9-1-1
  4. Nebraska 10-2
  5. Boston College 10-2
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