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Football Legends board game - base set

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Brand: Friday Night Legends

Football Legends board game - base set

    After two editions of Friday Night Legends (the high school football board game) and one edition of Saturday Legends (the college football board game,) we present Football Legends - the first ever combination high school, college and professional football game. With Football Legends you can play any level team from any year based on their real statistics!

    Players act as the coach for the chosen team and make decisions as such. Both players select which play to run (in secret) and reveal them simultaneously. The players then look up results on their team sheet.

    Football Legends (FL) allows you to play historic teams of the past with team results based on their actual stats. The core of the FL game engine is based on hours of in-depth and meticulous hours of research.

    The game system is elegant in its simplicity that allows you to do what you want to do coach and play games with your local gridiron heroes. Players act as the coach for their chosen team and make all the critical decisions like their real life counterparts do. In a matchup between two players, you each simultaneously select which play to run (in secret) and reveal them. FL's elegance comes from its years of development, using a system of a few simple die rolls and simple math of the addition and subtraction of results when the players look up those results on their respective team sheets. Team tendencies in terms of their breakdown in running vs. passing plays are tracked on the simple game day pads. The easy to use individual team chart replicates the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

    The flexibility of FL allows you to play whichever games you want. If you just want to play one level of play, you choose the starting pack or the combo pack if you want to try any of the game levels.

    TEAMS INCLUDED IN BASE GAME (you choose which pack to start)

    High School Pack College Pack Professional Pack Combination Pack
    1936 Massillon (OH) 2005 Texas 2022 Kansas City (NFL) 1983 Daingerfield (TX)
    1983 Daingerfield (TX) 2019 LSU 1981 San Diego (NFL) 1985 East St. Louis (IL)
    1983 Berwick (PA) 1995 Nebraska 1992 Dallas (NFL) 2010 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
    1985 East St. Louis (IL) 2001 Miami 1962 Green Bay (NFL) 2017 Mater Dei (CA)
    1985 Houston Yates (TX)
    2014 Ohio State 2016 New England (NFL) 2005 Texas
    1989 Odessa Permian (TX)
    1945 Army 1989 San Francisco (NFL) 2019 LSU
    2010 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
    1988 Oklahoma State 2002 Tampa Bay (NFL) 1995 Nebraska
    2012 JC Christian (LA)
    2018 Clemson 1976 Oakland (NFL) 2014 Ohio State
    2016 Bishop Gorman (NV)
    2009 Florida 1972 Miami (NFL) 2022 Kansas City (NFL)
    2017 Mater Dei (CA)f 1972 USC 1999 St Louis (NFL) 1992 Dallas (NFL)
    2016 New England (NFL)
    1972 Miami (NFL)

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