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Friday Night Legends Board Game - 2nd Edition base set

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Brand: Friday Night Legends

    Friday Night Legends board game - base set

    This is the 2nd edition of the first "Legends" tabletop board game. This is the one that started it all. With FNL, you coach the greatest high school football teams of all time against each other based on their actual stats.

    Players act as the coach for the chosen team and make decisions as such. Both players select which play to run (in secret) and reveal them simultaneously. The players then look up results on their team sheet.

    The love of football and passion for football begins for many with high school football. Chris Doelle and Michael Wright encapsulated their passion for American high school football in their exciting vision of the sport in Friday Night Legends. Friday Night Legends (FNL) allows you to play historic high school teams of the past with team results based on their actual stats. The core of the FNL game engine is based on hours of in-depth and meticulous hours of research.

    The game system is elegant in its simplicity that allows you to do what you want to do coach and play games with your local gridiron heroes. Players act as the coach for their chosen team and make all the critical decisions like their real life counterparts do. In a matchup between two players, you each simultaneously select which play to run (in secret) and reveal them. FNL elegance comes from its years of development, using a system of a few simple die rolls and simple math of the addition and subtraction of results when the players look up those results on their respective team sheets. Team tendencies in terms of their breakdown in running vs. passing plays are tracked on the simple game day pads. The easy to use individual team chart replicates the strengths and weaknesses of each team. FNL's unique and easy to use system enables you to compare and play powerhouse larger schools against the small "Hoosier" type size high schools. The fast playing time of 60-90 minutes both allows you to play more games in short order while still capturing the fun and essence of high school football.

    Although FNL's 1st edition started out as Texas High School Football, the game's fans started clamoring for teams of their local teams and FNL has started meeting that need. The game designers responded with adding more teams across the country and continue to meet that demand from game players with the plans to expand their high school football team universe. This second edition includes teams from all over the country and across time.


  • 1936 Massillon (OH)
  • 1983 Daingerfield (TX)
  • 1983 Berwick (PA)
  • 1985 East St. Louis (IL)
  • 1985 Houston Yates (TX)
  • 1989 Odessa Permian (TX)
  • 2010 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
  • 2012 John Curtis Christian (LA)
  • 2016 Bishop Gorman (NV)
  • 2017 Mater Dei (CA)

The historically great teams are included in the base game. Over 700 teams around the nation are available in the team library.

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