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1998-1999 New York (N) - BL team sheet

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Brand: Basketball Legends

1998-1999 New York (N) - BL team sheet
This is for the Basketball Legends board game

Record: 27-23

OPPG: 86.4 DPPG: 85.4

Because of the lockout shortened season, which was cut to just 50 games, and injuries to Sprewell and Ewing, the Knicks had to build chemistry on the fly, and barely made the playoffs with a 27–23 record, fourth in the Atlantic Division. The Knicks had to win six of its remaining eight games just to qualify.

The Knicks lost Ewing after Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals and played without him for the remainder of the playoffs. They managed to reach the Finals but the San Antonio Spurs with David Robinson and Tim Duncan knocked them out 1 games to 4.

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