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1997-1998 Utah (N) - BL team sheet

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Brand: Basketball Legends

1997-1998 Utah (N) - BL team sheet
This is for the Basketball Legends board game

Record: 62-20

OPPG: 101.0 DPPG: 94.4

Coming off a loss in the NBA Championship to the Bulls, the Jazz started the season slowly. John Stockton was injured for the first 18 games but teammate Karl Malone (27.0 ppg) and Jeff Hornacek held the squad together while waiting for Stockton's return. The team surged with the Stockton-to-Malone pick and roll knocking off Houston, San Antonio and Los Angeles Lakers en route to a return trip to the Finals. Once again, the Bulls sent them home in six games.

Karl Malone finished 2nd to Michael Jordan in the MVP voting.

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