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1907 Carlisle - SL team sheet

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1907 Carlisle - SL team sheet

SOS 510

Points Scored Per Game 24.27
Points Given Up Per Game 5.64

Independent Record 10-1

  • Coached by "Pop" Warner
  • Included RB Jim Thorpe
  • First all-Indian football team (1894)
  • First non-college team to play against and beat the Ivy Leagues
  • First to travel cross-country for a game (U. of California, 1899)
  • First to launch the passing game and the game-changing “single wing” (1907)
  • First to send scouts to spy on other teams in prep for games
  • First to call audibles, using Indian words unknown to opponents
  • First to use the fake punt, reverse, and screen pass
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