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Legends Loyalty Program

To celebrate and reward all you amazing coaches for all the support you have shown us in the Board Game Legends family, we want to reward you with some freebies and discounts! We will be sending emails out to everyone that has been an ongoing customer and done so much to motivate us to keep BGL growing. In your email will be free points based on what you have meant to us as fans of these games we love so much. The points you start with will vary depending on your involvement thus far.

Moving forward from this point, we will be tracking loyalty points for each and every one of you based on a few things.

  • Your purchases moving forward
  • How active you are in the FB groups and other social media sites
  • Your role in helping us get reviewed in podcasts and YouTube channels
  • anything else cool we think of

These loyalty points can be cashed in for the following rewards:

1001 FREE Library team sheet
1001/2 price Custom team sheet
20075% off 1 Custom team sheet
3002 FREE Library team sheets
5001 FREE Custom team sheet
10001/2 price new board game
10007 FREE Library team sheets
10003 FREE Custom team sheets

To cash in points, connect with his via email and let us know what you want to cash in and on what.